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Our Projects

Our Projects

NIST radiological research facility

With our extensive experience in managing large task order contracts, IPS adeptly handled multiple, large task orders simultaneously, demonstrating our ability to efficiently meet project demands.

Safety and Strength

We support the infrastructure that houses research that advances U.S. health care, strengthens national security, safely produces nuclear energy.

West Point Academic Building Upgrade Program

Beyond Boundaries

Our strategies navigate beyond constraints,

ensuring your project not only meets but exceeds expectations.

World Trade Center Port Authority NY/Nj

Crafting Tomorrow's Landscapes

Every project is a step towards redefining the skyline,

with integrity at its core.

Jamaica North-South Highway

Elevate Your Ambitions

Transforming complex visions into tangible realities with our unparalleled project management expertise.

Qatar Railways Company

Driving Tomorrow's Journeys

At the helm of groundbreaking infrastructure ventures, we navigate through complexity with unmatched Schedule Review and Claims Analysis, ensuring every milestone is a landmark in excellence.

OC Santa Ana/Garden Grove streetcar

The Art of Execution

Where meticulous planning meets flawless implementation,

that's where your project thrives.

us naval facilities commend engieering (NAVFAC)

Empower Your Vision

Transform challenges into opportunities. Navigate the complexities of your ventures with confidence and precision for ultimate success.

Digital Impact, Elevate Presence

we've managed over $20 billion in projects globally and are here to support and cater to the demands of your large global construction project.


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